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  • Lib4RI-Update #06 09.12.2012

    Lib4RI-Update #06

    Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #06» is out! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version.

  • Link resolver reloaded 03.12.2012

    Link resolver reloaded

    The Lib4RI link resolver will lead you from a bibliographic database directly to the full text of an article. It also offers a convenient way to order copies of an article. Most recently, we have activated the link resolver in Google Scholar. When using Google Scholar within the network of Eawag, Empa, PSI or WSL, the search results appear with the link «Get it at Lib4RI». The link opens a window with the service menu of the link resolver and directs you to the licensed full texts.

  • New E-Books: Safari Tech Books Online 07.10.2012

    New E-Books: Safari Tech Books Online

    Safari Tech Books Online is a collection of e-books in computer science and information technology, including programming languages, operating systems, software applications, and much more. The collection features over 17,000 titles from various publishers, e.g. O’Reilly Media, Cisco Press and Adobe Press. Users can search all books simultaneously online. Searches provide relevancy-ranked results and hit-lists of book chapters containing the search terms.

  • Raising awareness for open access at Eawag 23.09.2012

    Raising awareness for open access at Eawag

    Researchers at Eawag and elsewhere all face the same paradox: «You write the papers, you review the papers …. Why should you pay to read them?» The Eawag seminar last Friday (21 September 2012) was dedicated to The new push for open access publishing: How should Eawag researchers respond? Janet Hering summarised some of the issues around academic publishing/open access and stressed that researchers should be more conscious of where they publish or provide services as editors, as editorial board members or even as reviewers.

  • Trial Access to Water Intelligence Online 12.08.2012

    Trial Access to Water Intelligence Online

    Update: Trial extended until the end of 2012.

    Users of Lib4RI have now the possibility to access Water Intelligence Online from IWA, an information service covering water, wastewater and related environmental topics.

  • Lib4RI-Update #05 26.07.2012

    Lib4RI-Update #05

    Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #05» is out! Grab a copy at the library or read the online version.

  • Online reference works – expanded range 23.07.2012

    Online reference works – expanded range

    The printed edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica is still on our shelves – all 32 leather-bound, gold-embossed volumes. Judging by the dust layer, these have not been used in years. Thus, after 244 years of printing its volumes, it comes as no surprise that Encyclopædia Britannica recently announced to publish exclusively online in the future. Of course, we now also offer the electronic version of the encyclopaedia in addition to the printed edition.

  • Website improved – Finding information even quicker 04.07.2012

    Website improved – Finding information even quicker

    The website of the joint library Lib4RI has now been online for more than a year. This gave us enough time to collect feedback from the library users and address further improvements of the website. Last night a new version of our website went online that implements several usability improvements. The revised website will get you to the sought information even more quickly.

  • Trial Access to Materials Science & Engineering E-Journals 02.05.2012

    Trial Access to Materials Science & Engineering E-Journals

    The library has arranged a trial access to the Materials Science & Engineering E-Journal Collection of Maney Publishing. The E-Journal collection includes thirty-six materials science publications, including several on behalf of, or with, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

  • SpringerProtocols Trial 01.05.2012

    SpringerProtocols Trial

    Lib4RI is pleased to announce access to SpringerProtocols on a trial basis until 30 June 2012. SpringerProtocols is a database of more than 24’000 protocols in the areas of Life and Biomedical Sciences. Protocols provide the specific procedural information to help you replicate experiments with precision, including information on bias, safety, equipment, statistical methods, reporting, and troubleshooting.

  • We welcome Bobby Neuhold to the team 23.04.2012

    We welcome Bobby Neuhold to the team

    Bobby Neuhold joined the group «InfoServices» on April 16. Besides the day-to-day work for the user services in Dübendorf, his primary duty is the development of user trainings at all library locations. We see this strengthening of the library team as a logical step on the road to improving existing and implementing new information services for members of the research institutes.

  • IEEE Xplore: Download Quota Exhausted 10.04.2012

    IEEE Xplore: Download Quota Exhausted

    The quota for downloads from IEEE Xplore for articles older than 2 years or conference papers is exhausted. Newer articles are still accessible via IEEE Xplore

  • New Reference Works & E-Books 28.03.2012

    New Reference Works & E-Books

    When Google fails to provide you with answers to your questions, our fine selection of important reference works for many research areas might help: You can browse them on our webpage Resources > Reference. Is something missing here? Tell us!

  • Access to all journal articles from Wiley 26.03.2012

    Access to all journal articles from Wiley

    Update: All Wiley Tokens have been used! Use our Document Delivery Service, if you need more articles from Wiley.

    For a limited time we are able to offer all members of Lib4RI access to the entire Wiley Online Library. In addition to the many subscribed Wiley E-journals and E-books, you can now use Article Select Tokens to instantly obtain access to unsubscribed journal articles including backfiles, chapters in E-books, entries in Online Reference Works and Current Protocols (some products are excluded from this offer).

  • More E-Journals Available 21.03.2012

    More E-Journals Available

    Up to the end of 2012 Lib4RI is introducing the interdisciplinary database Academic Search Premier on a trial basis. The database gives full-text access to more than 4’000 journals and magazines from various publishers. Coverage spans a broad range of research areas: natural sciences, engineering, medicine, but also social sciences and humanities (list of journal titles).

  • Trial Access to E-Books from Knovel 21.02.2012

    Trial Access to E-Books from Knovel

    We have arranged a trial access to E-Books in the Sustainable Energy & Development collection on Knovel. Knovel is a web-based application for engineers integrating technical information with analytical and search tools.

  • IEEE: File Cabinet Reloaded 05.02.2012

    IEEE: File Cabinet Reloaded

    We added another 1 000 downloads to our account and you can download articles to the file cabinet again. – This contingent will last longer, if you do not download AIP articles to the file cabinet. Use the «Get it @ Lib4RI»-button instead, which takes you to the AIP website. On the AIP website you can download articles from the Journal of Applied Physics, Applied Physics Letters, and other AIP journals without charging the IEEE file cabinet. Hence, more downloads are available for articles that are not otherwise available.

  • Lib4RI-Update #04 26.01.2012

    Lib4RI-Update #04

    Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #04» is now available! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below.

  • IEEE downloads exhausted again 12.01.2012

    IEEE downloads exhausted again

    There are no more IEEE downloads to our file cabinet left. Again AIP articles were downloaded via the IEEE platform with the consequence that the available downloads are used up. So far, we were not able to find a solution together with IEEE to block such downloads from Lib4RI users.