New Resources 2012: E-Journals

Dr. J. Bihn, L. Tobler, Dr. M. Vonmoos & Dr. L. Nunnenmacher

For frequently consulted journals we seek to offer access to the journal archives in addition to current volumes. Hence, you are now able to access the complete archive of the journal Nature starting with volume 1 in 1869 and all volumes of Scientific American from 1845 to the present. Additionally, we have acquired archives of commonly consulted journals of the publishers Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Sage, and Wiley. We have also harmonized access rights to several other journal archives at the four research institutes. You can find all journals licensed by Lib4RI with the Lib4RI Searchbox with the option «Journals».

If you encounter access problems or have any questions about our e-journals, we would be pleased to provide you with advice and assistance. You can contact us at @email or via phone 058 765 5700.