IEEE: File Cabinet Reloaded

Dr. Maura Vonmoos & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

We added another 1 000 downloads to our account and you can download articles to the file cabinet again. – This contingent will last longer, if you do not download AIP articles to the file cabinet. Use the «Get it @ Lib4RI»-button instead, which takes you to the AIP website. On the AIP website you can download articles from the Journal of Applied PhysicsApplied Physics Letters, and other AIP journals without charging the IEEE file cabinet. Hence, more downloads are available for articles that are not otherwise available.

Just to remember: With our subscription we have unlimited access to all current journal articles (and those of the two previous years), whereas older articles, IEEE conference papers and AIP articles have to be added to the file cabinet, which results in extra costs for every article added. Please avoid this for AIP articles.

More details in our database description.