Access to all journal articles from Wiley

Dr. Jochen Bihn, Laura Tobler & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

Update: All Wiley Tokens have been used! Use our Document Delivery Service, if you need more articles from Wiley.

For a limited time we are able to offer all members of Lib4RI access to the entire Wiley Online Library. In addition to the many subscribed Wiley E-journals and E-books, you can now use Article Select Tokens to instantly obtain access to unsubscribed journal articles including backfiles, chapters in E-books, entries in Online Reference Works and Current Protocols (some products are excluded from this offer).

When you find an article in an unsubscribed Wiley journal and click on the «View Full Article (HTML)» or «Get PDF» button, and just click the «Confirm» button, and you will get the full-text article. Each confirmation costs one token.

This offer is limited to 150 tokens, i.e. article downloads! We regularly announce the current number of remaining tokens on our homepage and on Lib4RI’s Twitter account. When all tokens are used up, we are pleased to provide you with access to needed documents free of charge via our Document Delivery Service. We are evaluating the pay-per-view licensing model as an alternative to subscriptions for rarely used journals.

Always download the PDF of a Wiley article onto your computer. This way, you won’t waste another token, if you would like to view the article again in the future. Access to the full text of an article is only available for 24h.

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