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Lib4RI News

  • Updated: Lib4RI Supports Transfer of E-Books & Journals to Open Access

    By pledging for the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) STEM e-Book Collection 2018, Lib4RI funds open access and helps to make 100 e-books open access. Lib4RI is in very good company, there are already more than 100 libraries worldwide participating this year. The number of libraries taking part is quite important, as KU works basically ...

  • Open Access Week 2018: Get involved!

    This year’s topic for the Open Access Week is all about “open” being the standard and not the exception anymore. Many European funding agencies have recently joined the cOAlition S and are part of the initiative Plan S. The aim of Plan S is to make all publications funded by public money Open Access (OA) by 2020. ...

  • Update - Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information

    Another big thank you for the lively interest in our upcoming autumn training series, with currently more than 120 registrations and still a couple of weeks to go until the first sessions head off. We would also like to announce that due to the high demand in our Endnote and LaTeX courses, we are pleased to offer additional sessions ...

  • Lib4RI Update #15 – Results of our User Survey

    In autumn 2017 Lib4RI conducted a survey among the library‘s users for the first time since it was established. The aim was to determine how users perceive the quality of our services. In order to compare the results with those of other libraries, we chose the LibQUAL+® questionnaire of the Association of Research Libraries. 304 ...


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