Welcome to Lib4RI, the Library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL.

Lib4RI News

  • 5 Years Lib4RI - Events

    For our fifth anniversary, we cordially invite the Lib4RI users to a series of four events. Alessandro Curioni, Donat Agosti and Jens Vigen, three outstanding scientists, will give talks on recent developments in scientific publishing and science itself. Furthermore, we have invited the Swiss author Sabine Reber for a reading from ...

  • National licenses – More content for everybody

    Since recently, Lib4RI users have had access to a substantial number of additional journal articles from the publishing houses Cambridge University Press (CUP), de Gruyter and Oxford University Press (OUP). This comprehensive content has been acquired as national licenses by the Consortium of the Swiss Academic Libraries within ...

  • Team «Publication Services» is now complete!

    Since 15th of July, upon arrival of its latest members, Niels Kistler and Daniel Perez, the newly founded team «Publication Services» is finally complete. Its members, Claudia Berger, Jochen Bihn, Silvia Jost, Niels Kistler, Laura Konstantaki, Veronika Müller-Vargas and Daniel Perez (group leader) will provide services around ...

  • New Product: Energate Messenger Schweiz

    Lib4RI is pleased to announce access to the online portal energate messenger Schweiz. The database offers daily news on the energy sector in Switzerland as well as essential price and market data for electricity, gas, oil, coal and CO2. For full access to the market data and the daily newsletter a login is required. Please contact ...

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