Welcome to Lib4RI, the Library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL.

Lib4RI News

  • New e-Book catalogue

    Today we launched the Lib4RI E-Book Catalogue. In this new catalogue you will find (almost) all of our 220’000 licensed and purchased e-books. This is a great improvement as up to now only a modest proportion of our e-books have been visible in the NEBIS catalogue. Furthermore, we can keep the new e-book catalogue up-to-date ...

  • SpringerMaterials extended by Corrosion Database

    Besides the well-known Landolt-Börnstein database and other resources, such as the Linus Pauling files, Springer has recently also included the Corrosion Database into SpringerMaterials. This database on corrosion rates and behaviour of materials was originally published as the CORR-DATA database by the National Institutes of ...

  • New resource category: Protocols

    The resources in this new product category Protocols on our website have already been available for Lib4RI users, but by creating a new entry in the drop-down list «Resources» we wanted to increase their visibility and discoverability. The list includes cookbook-style protocols for experiments and analytical methods that did ...

  • Become a real football expert with Lib4RI

    Were you always wondering about the spin of the ball of Christiano Ronaldo’s free kicks? Is it possible to calculate the outcome of the European Championship statistically? Are they still playing with leather balls and shoes? How do I take the perfect soccer picture? These and many other topics are covered in the e-books linked ...

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