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Lib4RI News

  • Talk: There is no good weather - only good clothing

    Lib4RI has invited Dr. Alexandra Schweikart for a talk and a slide show in the framework of the festival «Berge lesen» organized by the international Alpine Convention. Being one of Germany’s top female alpine climbers she is no stranger to hard big-walls on El Capitan in Yosemite and the Alps. Nevertheless, as a specialist ...

  • Improved Symbols for Full-Text Availability in DORA

    Until now, all full texts were marked with two symbols: an open-green locker in case the full text was available to read and a closed-grey locker if not. We have now improved these symbols by using the open-green locker only for open access articles, an open-yellow locker for full texts that are only internally available, and the ...

  • Two Vacancies: Project Manager and Information Specialist for E-Resources

    Join our team! We have currently two vacancies in our library team: The project manager will conduct and support projects of the library in the area of scientific information and literature management. Further duties will be reporting and monitoring, communications and the preparation of information materials for the users. The ...

  • Updated: Lib4RI Supports Transfer of E-Books & Journals to Open Access

    By pledging for the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) STEM e-Book Collection 2018, Lib4RI funds open access and helps to make 100 e-books open access. Lib4RI is in very good company, there are already more than 100 libraries worldwide participating this year. The number of libraries taking part is quite important, as KU works basically ...


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