New Read & Publish agreement with the American Physical Society


Lib4RI has expanded its Open Access publishing portfolio by entering into a new transformative Read and Publish agreement with the American Physical Society (APS). Starting in April, corresponding authors affiliated with the 4RIs will no longer have to pay a fee for publishing Open Access in the APS hybrid journals.

APS is a leading publisher for 4RIs researchers, ranking among the top five in terms of publication output. This agreement positions 4RIs among the few institutions in Europe participating in the Institutional Open Access and Transformative Agreements programme of APS. However, "Review of Modern Physics" and "Physics" are not included in this agreement. 

Please note, funding for APCs in Physical Review Research and Physical Review Physics Education Research is available through the Lib4RI’s Open Access fund. Additionally, PRX Energy and PRX Life are offering an introductory waiver for APCs until the end of 2024.

For more information about this agreement, please refer to our Open Access agreement page.