Update: negotiations with Elsevier


The negotiations between swissuniversities and Elsevier for a new Read & Publish agreement are continuing. So far, no contract has been signed, but a decision in this regard is expected in the next few weeks.

At an extraordinary meeting last week, the Delegation Open Science (DelOS) has in principle approved the scope and cost framework of Elsevier's offer for a comprehensive Read & Publish agreement 2024-2028 for Switzerland. However, details of the possible contract are still being negotiated. As soon as all questions with regards to the specifics of the contract are clarified, it will be submitted to the Delegation Open Science for approval. We expect this to happen in the next few weeks.

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries (CSAL) conducts the negotiations with the major academic publishers on behalf of swissuniversities. The negotiating delegation for Elsevier was elected by the DelOS the beginning of 2023 and is led by the president of swissuniversities.