More E-Journals Available

Dr. Jochen Bihn, Laura Tobler & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

Up to the end of 2012 Lib4RI is introducing the interdisciplinary database Academic Search Premier on a trial basis. The database gives full-text access to more than 4’000 journals and magazines from various publishers. Coverage spans a broad range of research areas: natural sciences, engineering, medicine, but also social sciences and humanities (list of journal titles).

Academic Search Premier is similar to Academic OneFile (currently on a trial basis as well) regarding thematic scope and number of journals. Both cover the large number of journals with more distant relevance to the research topics at Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL (the long tail of journals). In combination, both journal packages increase the number of licensed journals by more than 150%: from ca. 6’000 to about 15’000 journals. This massive increase in the number of licensed journals is achieved in a rather cost-efficient manner. The combined price for both databases is less than the subscription fee for one of the more expensive journals in Lib4RI’s portfolio.¹

All journals are listed in the Lib4RI Journal List. Our recently introduced linking service provides the fastest and most convenient way to access the full-text articles of these journals.

¹ If you are curious to know what the price of an «expensive» journal is, see some examples here.