Link resolver reloaded

Dr. J. Bihn, Dr. L. Nunnenmacher, A. Strupler & L. Tobler

The Lib4RI link resolver will lead you from a bibliographic database directly to the full text of an article. It also offers a convenient way to order copies of an article. Most recently, we have activated the link resolver in Google Scholar. When using Google Scholar within the network of Eawag, Empa, PSI or WSL, the search results appear with the link «Get it at Lib4RI». The link opens a window with the service menu of the link resolver and directs you to the licensed full texts. 

From the link resolver to Google Scholar

This also works the other way round: In the service menu of the link resolver you can start a search in Google Scholar. As Google Scholar also finds archived full-text versions of an article in repositories or on private homepages, this function is especially helpful when the library Lib4RI is unable to provide access via the publisher’s website.

New service functions

E-mail citation: With this function you can send the bibliographic data of an article or
book by e-mail in order to, e.g., recommend an article to a colleague.

Save citation: stores the bibliographic data of the article on your computer or – depending on the settings – also directly in your reference management program (Endnote, Zotero etc.). Our tests of this function have shown that when importing, the list of authors is frequently not completely transferred. Therefore, double-check the list of authors after importing a reference.

Journal Citation Reports: shows the current Journal Impact Factor (JIF) and other metrics of the journal in the Journal Citation Reports (Science Edition & Social Sciences Edition). This function is only available for journals which Thomson Reuters has assigned a JIF in the latest edition of the Journal Citation Reports.

With increasing frequency, you will now encounter the link resolver button «Lib4RI –
Services» on journal websites, even if there is a link to the full text on the same page.
With a click on this button, you can call up the link resolver menu and, e.g., access the
new service functions.

We are pleased to receive your feedback via the feedback form in the menu of the link
resolver or via an e-mail to @email.