Website improved – Finding information even quicker

Dr. Jochen Bihn & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

The website of the joint library Lib4RI has now been online for more than a year. This gave us enough time to collect feedback from the library users and address further improvements of the website. Last night a new version of our website went online that implements several usability improvements. The revised website will get you to the sought information even more quickly. The following improvements have been realized:

Enhanced Searchbox

The Lib4RI-Searchbox, highly visible on the start page and in the header of all other pages, provides quick access to the most important information resources of the library. The number of available information sources has been extended. Newly included is ability to the search within reference works (« Reference ») and the search category « More ». The latter comprises information resources to search for dissertations, maps, patents, and the Web. Info-Buttons next to each information resource link to relevant information on our website.

Getting there faster

The navigation on the website of Lib4RI has become faster. A drop-down menu gives you direct access to the next menu level and the «Quicklinks» are now placed prominently at the top of the homepage. In the list of databases you now save a mouse click to open a database. Try it!

Easy on the eyes

The higher contrast between text and background and a new font makes reading our website much easier for your eyes. Moreover, a more tightly arranged header leaves space for additional content.

We are looking forward to your feedback on the new features and the website in general. Send us an e-mail (@email), call us at 058 765 5700 or visit us at one of the Lib4RI library sites. In our Feedback Forum, we always welcome suggestions and ideas for further improvements of the website.