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  • Klimawandel in der Bergwelt – was jetzt?
  • WSL-Forscher in Earth Commission gewählt
  • Werkzeugkasten Naturschutzgenetik: eDNA Amphibien und Verbund
  • Neues Buch: Tätigsein in der Postwachstumsgesellschaft
  • Ökophysiologin wird Professorin von WSL und EPFL
  • SLF-Leiter wird Titularprofessor an der ETH

Lib4RI News

Lib4RI Autumn Training: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Mon 26.08.19

Autumn is at our doorsteps and so is our biannual introductory course «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. In Oct/Nov 2019, we offer six individually bookable modules. In module 1, «Searching Scientific Information», you become skilled ...

Lib4RI is Strengthening its Open-Source Engagement
Fri 12.07.19

Islandora is the key software framework behind the institutional repository DORA and is built on top of Drupal, Solr and Fedora Commons. By extending and customizing the functionality of DORA, Lib4RI has acquired some expertise on how to work with and contribute to such open-source projects. This expertise is in…

Updated Open Access Policy and Funding at Empa
Wed 10.07.19

Empa is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In the context of the recent directive MHB-4.2.9 ‘Open Access Policy and funding’ Empa now actively supports the green and golden ways of open access. As a publicly funded institution…

Updated Guidelines for the Eawag Open Access Publishing Fund
Tue 18.06.19

Eawag has been supporting researchers at Eawag since 2009 in the payment of article processing charges (APCs) for publications in pure Open Access journals. In the context of the recent directive 19-08 ‘Open Access publishing at Eawag’ the eligibility criteria for funding have bee…

The Islandora Camp starts today - we welcome all attendees!
Mon 17.06.19

DORA is the bibliography and institutional repository at the four research institutes Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL, provided by Lib4RI. Launched as recently as 2016 there were still more than 60.000 items added since, of which over 16.000 are Open Access. The software framework making all of that possible is based on the Open Source ...

DORA PSI Info Event on 3 June, 11:00 – 12:00, at the Auditorium PSI - Presentation
Fri 07.06.19

DORA PSI ( was recently introduced as the bibliography, archive and Open Access repository for all scientific publications of PSI. At this event, we presented the exciting new features DORA offers to enhance the visibility and impact of research output at PSI. An overview of the system and selected ...

Lib4RI-Update #16
Thu 18.04.19

Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #16» is now available! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below. English Version: • Ready or not – here comes Open Access • Product Changes 2019 – E-Journals, Reference Works, E-Books & Databases Deutsche Version: • “Bereit oder nicht …

Online Media Archive Database: Swissdox Essentials
Mon 15.04.19

Lib4RI users can now access the media archive Swissdox. The database includes approximately 290 sources with articles from 1911 onwards and provides evidence of the history and wide range of the Swiss media landscape. A user-friendly interface and a high-performing search engine with various filter options can a…

DORA PSI is here!
Mon 08.04.19

As from today, DORA PSI – the digital repository and bibliography for all research articles and other publications affiliated with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) – is online! We came a long way in the last year in preparing for DORA PSI, where several new features were implemented to stand up to the previous publication ...

Electronic Resources: Changes in 2019
Tue 12.02.19

After some distinct adaptations with new resources but also with cancellations in the last years we saw only minor changes in our portfolio in this year. Journals: • Brill: We successfully negotiated a 1-year-trial to the complete Brill E-Journals collection. Brill is a well-known publisher for humanities, but has also a ...

Lib4RI Spring Training: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Tue 05.02.19

Spring will be here soon and it is again time for our biannual introductory course «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. Between March and June 2019, we offer six individually bookable modules. In module 1, «Searching Scientific Information», ...

New Book Scanners Available!
Fri 25.01.19

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new A3 colour book scanners! They are easy to handle and very useful for quickly scanning all kind of documents such as articles, book chapters or lab journals with the output formats PDF, TIF and JPG. Come and see us at the Lib4RI library desk in Dübendorf, Villigen or Birmensdorf ...

The Islandora Camp is coming to Lib4RI, Eawag!
Wed 16.01.19

DORA, our institutional repository, is based on the Islandora open-source framework. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting the 2019 Islandora Camp this year here at Eawag, Dübendorf. The event takes place on 17-19 June 2019 and will cover a variety of topics surrounding the Islandora framework, including ...

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