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  • Unwetter 2019 – Schäden vor allem in der Westschweiz
  • Graubünden – wo die Schweiz den Himmel berührt
  • Forschungszentrum für Klimawandel und Extreme
  • Vielseitig und gut fürs Klima
  • Schweizer Wald ist generell in gutem Zustand
  • WSL-Radiometer knapp gerettet

Lib4RI News

Good bye NEBIS, hello Swisscovery
Wed 30.09.20

In early December, the NEBIS lending network will be dissolved and replaced by swisscovery, the new nationwide library system operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). Lib4RI has joined the new SLSP network together with almost 500 other academic libraries from all over Switzerland. Swisscovery will include more ...

Vacancy: Project Assistant
Wed 05.08.20

Join our team! As we have additional project-based work in the library, we are looking for a motivated individual to help us out. The tasks of this job are divided between two groups (E-Resources & IT Services and Publication Services) allowing you to be involved in different projects of the library. For example, taking part ...

New Lib4RI-Info «DORA»
Wed 29.07.20

We have a brand-new Lib4RI-Info. The new Lib4RI-Info #P1 on DORA shows you how to use DORA, submit the correct version, search for publications, create publication lists and much more. DORA is the institutional repository and bibliography for any publication authored, edited or published by Eawag, Empa, PSI or WSL or resulting ...

Database Nature Nano under evaluation
Tue 14.07.20

Nature Nano is an artificial intelligence enhanced research database on material and nanoscience. It comprises information on • Nanomaterials: 320’000+ summaries on synthesis, properties, applications, characterization and toxicity • Articles: 860’000+ indexed abstracts covering 190+ journals from publishers such as AAAS, ...

New plagiarism check service
Wed 17.06.20

You can now send your manuscripts to us for a free plagiarism check. Plagiarism – in other words copying context from other sources without proper citation – has always been prosecuted and nowadays is thoroughly checked. Many journals and funders check your manuscript for plagiarism and the result can be a reason to reject ...

Lib4RI and NEBIS book loans resume on 8 June 2020
Fri 05.06.20

On 8 June 2020, our library premises will reopen with reduced hours and on site offers. It will be possible to borrow, pick up and return books in the library, shipment via internal mail is recommended. The NEBIS lending network will be reinstated, so new NEBIS orders will be possible and books still on loan need to be extended ...

Lib4RI-Update #20: Publish Open Access in Springer Nature journals free of charge
Mon 18.05.20

*Swissuniversities and Springer Nature have reached a Memorandum of Understanding for the conclusion of a «read and publish» contract (see swissuniversities and Springer Nature). Once signed, …

Update: Services and Online-Trainings during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tue 12.05.20

Lib4RI’s library services are still being affected by the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). All our premises remain closed until further notice and most of our services will continue to be provided electronically. Book loans: All books and other media currently on loan via the NEBIS lending network ...

Webinar Miniseries Spring 2020
Mon 11.05.20

Lib4RI’s Spring Training Series 2020, Searching & Managing Scientific Information, including all of its modules, had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and related federal regulations. We are all the more pleased to offer a miniseries of webinars in June 2020 (via Zoom) covering a few selected topics taken from this ...

Improved Project Management System
Fri 08.05.20

Lib4RI has overhauled its project management system. We are now planning, organising and documenting all library projects on a single collaboration platform. Having carefully considered and clearly defined the goals, timelines, milestones, tasks, responsibilities and limitations of all library projects, Lib4RI is stepping up its ...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on our Library Services
Tue 17.03.20

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is also affecting the services of the library. All Lib4RI libraries are closed until further notice. However, most of our services can be provided digitally and we try to maintain them as good as possible. Book loans: Books and other media that are due for return don’t ...

New publication service - let us do the work for you!
Wed 19.02.20

We are now actively harvesting publications affiliated to the four research institutes from external databases. Some of you may have already received e-mails about publications we have recorded in DORA that you have not yet sent to us. As a new service, we aim to reduce the effort of you having to send us your publications. ...

Cancelled: Lib4RI Spring Training: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Mon 10.02.20

Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all courses are cancelled. We are evaluating digital alternatives. Spring is coming soon and so is our biannual introductory course «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. From March to June 2020, we offer ...

Lib4RI-Update #19: Publish Open Access in Elsevier journals free of charge
Tue 04.02.20

*At Elsevier, corresponding authors of Swiss research institutes can make most of their articles available Open Access for the next three years at no extra cost. This is possible because swissuniversities and Elsevier have reached a memorandum of understanding for both reading access to journals and Open Access publishing last ...

Open Access information updated
Tue 28.01.20

There’s a lot happening in the world of Open Access (OA): Big deal negotiations are entering into the next round, most research funders have OA policies in place and several publishers offer discounts on OA publication fees. So you don’t lose track of what’s going on, we’re continuously updating our information ...

Library PSI – Streamlining / Giveaway Books
Mon 27.01.20

We are currently streamlining our stock to provide additional space for new PSI offices. While most of our book collection is being transferred to the basement, there also are many books to be sorted out. This is why Lib4RI is organising a continuously restocked book table with giveaway books in front of the library hall (WHGA ...

Electronic resources: changes in 2020
Tue 21.01.20

Exciting news for all you bookworms out there: We’ve added hundreds of new journals and e-books to our portfolio. At the same time, we’ve cancelled just a handful of products – mainly due to low usage. Here are the most important changes in 2020: Big deal negotiations Following the negotiations led by swissuniversities, ...

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