A successful SOLA-Stafette for "DORA Express: Lib4RI & Friends"


114.77 km, 2’747 m of ascent, 14 legs, more than 14’000 people, 1025 teams – and among them “DORA Express: Lib4RI & Friends”. Our team with the starting number 509 successfully completed the 48th SOLA-Stafette on Saturday!

Diplom SOLA 2023

On the first Saturday in May, thousands of people come to the greater Zurich area to participate in the largest university sports event in Switzerland: the traditional SOLA-Stafette organised by ASVZ.

Lib4RI formed a group as well and participated last Saturday in perfect conditions. The team consisted of 5 people from the library, 2 people from Eawag, 2 participants from Empa, and 5 external runners. Even though we did not all know each other before, we built a great team! Everyone gave their best and with a total time of 10:20:30, “DORA Express” reached the 492. place out of 1025 teams. The day ended with a joint, celebratory dinner where we shared our experiences from the race and enjoyed the first warm spring evening outside.

The "DORA Express: Lib4RI & Friends" team at SOLA-Stafette 2023 (in order of running): Maria Dittrich, Dimitris Antonakis, Jonny Jones, Nina Helg-Kurmann, Frank Clemens, Mira Umlauf, Natalia Kovalska, Fabian Felder, Tom Lorimer, Lothar Nunnenmacher, Maurice Ehinlanwo, Jeannette Bosshard, Federico Cantini, and Robert Yates.