New Lib4RI Info «Copyright & CC Licences»


In your day-to-day scientific work, copyright affects you when you publish or share your own work and when you cite or re-use the work of others, including modified or derivative versions. Learn now what you should know for your own publications as well as for the re-use of copyrighted content.

In the new website section "Copyright and CC Licences" and the corresponding Info Sheet, we summarise the most important information for you and provide a guideline on:

  • Legal basis - A brief summary of what is copyright
  • Exceptions to copyright - Using copyrighted material and how to claim remuneration for your own work
  • Copyright Transfer Agreements - Retaining your rights as an author
  • Re-using copyrighted work - Avoiding charges and what you should know about your thesis
  • CC Licences - Easily make your research more open

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In Module 3 "Open Access & Copyright" you will learn the important fundamentals using practical examples.

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Eawag-Empa Dübendorf
Forum Chriesbach
Room FC-C24
Thu, 07.12.2023
PSI Villigen
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Thu, 30.11.2023
WSL Birmensdorf
Tue, 21.11.2023