Talk by Mark Cieliebak on LLMs & applications


In the first part of our lecture series "AI tools & LLMs", Mark Cieliebak from the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at ZHAW talked about  "Language Models. Fundamental technologies and applications". The insightful presentation focused on explaining recent developments and technologies in generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT. It was met with great interest as the vivid discussion among the approximately 40 people on-site and 100 people online demonstrated.

Slides Mark Cieliebak

Mark Cieliebak covered topics as broad as text summarisation, essay generation, and chatbots. He introduced the underlying technologies, presented several showcases and assess the potential of LLMs in future research and development. He also explained the core algorithms on a level suitable for a non-technical audience.

In the next part of this lecture series on Monday, 13 November 2023, Sampoorna Rappaz will discuss "What you need to know when using AI for academic writing". For more details about this event, registration for on-site participation and the Zoom link, check out the event's webpage.

Slides and video

The slides and video of Mark Cieliebak's talk "Language Models. Fundamental technologies and applications" are only available within the four Research Institutes! Please connect to the server via cable or VPN.