It's International Love Data Week!

Image: International Love Data Week

Participate in Love Data Week and join some of the many exciting online events hosted around the world! This year, they are geared towards helping new and seasoned data users find data training and other resources to bring about change. Follow us on Twitter and Mastodon and get inspired by some of the highlights. Moreover, find out about fascinating open datasets which are available from EawagEmpa , PSI, and WSL that are already agents of change – both on social media and in DORA! Maybe they will inspire you in your work or to publish your data and research Open Access as well?

If storing and publishing your data is something that you are curious about, check out our Research Data Management course. You will not only learn about these two topics, but also about the life cycle of research data, adequate metadata documentation for your code and data, writing Data Management Plans (DMP), and using OpenBIS (ELN). Save your spot now and register for the course at Eawag-Empa, PSI, or WSL.