Inspiring Talk by Matthias Egger on Open Access

Slides Matthias Egger

Matthias Egger's inspiring talk with the title “Open access: the good, the bad and the ugly?” on Tuesday at WSL attracted many interested researchers and elicited a vivid discussion among the approximately 60 people on-site and 200 listeners on Zoom. In his talk, Egger discussed the recent developments in publishing, especially with regards to Open Access and the challenges of scientific publishing.

In recent years, Open Access (OA) publishing has experienced rapid growth, witnessing the emergence of numerous new publishers and journals. Matthias Egger, President of the National Research Council of the SNSF, explored the benefits, challenges, and potential pitfalls of OA publishing from the perspectives of both an active researcher and a research funder. He revisited the well-rehearsed arguments for OA and discussed some challenges and abuses, such as peer review quality or predatory practices. The interesting talk was concluded with a discussion of best practices and alternative publishing models.

This talk was hosted by Lib4RI as a contribution to this year's Open Access Week and as part of WSL Distinguished Lectures.

Slides and video

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