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  • Diving into magnets
  • Nanomaterial helps store solar energy: efficiently and inexpensively
  • Research experience from California benefits SwissFEL
  • Fuel and chemicals from plant waste
  • Injector 2: a pre-accelerator for protons
  • From the garage to the world
  • Wie wappnen sich Föhren gegen Trockenheit?
  • Arvenwald: Baumgrenze wird nicht allein durch das Klima bestimmt
  • Gämse, Steinbock und Hirsch wandern in die Höhe
  • Hangrutschungen: Pflanzenvielfalt bietet Schutz
  • Unwetter 2016: Grosse Schäden auf der Alpennordseite
  • 3D imaging of surface chemistry in confinement
  • A uranium-based compound improves manufacturing of nitrogen products
  • Smart walk assist improves rehabilitation
  • HOUSE 2 assembled in Malley
  • The genetics of severe illness in children with the common cold
  • Low-dose diazepam can increase social competitiveness

Lib4RI News

Goodbye RefWorks - DORA now fully operational
Thu 13.07.17

We are pleased to inform you that DORA Eawag and DORA Empa have become productive. We finished the migration of the old RefWorks-based bibliographies of Eawag and Empa. Additionally, we also verified, extended and corrected a fair share of the metadata and transformed all available PDFs into the archival format PDF/A. From n… ...

New Database: ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database
Fri 31.03.17

The ASM international Alloy Phase Diagram Database contains more than 40,300 binary and ternary phase diagrams, each with their associated crystal and reaction data. Users can search for phase diagrams either via the database content tree, the element search or the search slot. A video tutorial can be found here. …

Update - Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Wed 15.03.17

We are pleased about the lively interest in our spring training series «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» , with some 120 registrations so far, and take this opportunity to say thank you. At the same time we would like to draw your attention on the upcoming sessions at Eawag-Empa Dübendorf, PSI Villigen and ...

New Database: UNESCO- Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
Thu 02.03.17

From 1 March 2017, Lib4RI users have access to the UNESCO – Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (UNESCO – EOLSS). EOLSS comprises nearly 600 book volumes of thematically organised, peer- reviewed state-of-the-art content. EOLSS is one of the largest community oriented encyclopedia creation projects of the world, with ...

New Swiss National Licence: Springer Journals
Mon 27.02.17

The Springer Journals Archives were recently added to the three already existing Swiss National Licences. However, comprising about 3.6 million journal articles from more than 1,500 scientific journals, the Springer Journals Archives outnumber the other three national licences combined. The total number of article…

Lib4RI launches DORA WSL
Tue 21.02.17

DORA WSL [Digital Object Repository at WSL] is now online. This is a soft launch, meaning that we are still in the process of migrating the roughly 15,000 publications from the old WSL bibliography into DORA. DORA WSL already includes over 7,000 journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. Th…

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Thu 09.02.17

It is almost spring and time to announce our biannual introductory course «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. We are delighted to offer you six individually bookable modules between end of March and mid May 2017. In module 1, «Searching ...

MethodsNow / SciFinder Workshop: Tue, 7 Mar 2017 at Eawag-Empa Dübendorf
Wed 08.02.17

The library Lib4RI invites interested researchers from Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL to join this free MethodsNow / SciFinder workshop held by Dr Philippe Kamalaprija, a representative for CAS at ACS International. Philippe is an experienced trainer and introduces our newly subscribed product MethodsNow...

Lib4RI Update #13
Wed 25.01.17

Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #13» is now available! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below. English Version: • DORA 4RI – The new Institutional Repository • New resources 2017 – E-journals, databases & e-books Deutsche Version: • “DORA 4RI – Das neue Institutionelle Re… ...

New in 2017: Reference Works, E-Books & Databases
Fri 13.01.17

New Reference Works & Databases: • A year-long trial to the «Forestry Compendium» from the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) was arranged. • «Methods Now» from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS – A Division of the ACS) is a new database, t…

New in 2017: Journals
Thu 12.01.17

In 2017, we can offer you the following new journal packages, two of which have been set up on a trial basis: • Trial access to all 23 journals of the Australian governmental research organization Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). • Lib4RI users have access to all Elsevier...

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