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  • Cleaner diesel emissions
  • Power on demand
  • Lausanne-Villigen return
  • Profitable for both sides
  • PSI imaging helps ABB site in Aargau
  • New technology undergoes real-world testing
  • Neuer WSL-Bericht: Waldbäume kultivieren
  • Gut geschützt vor Naturgefahren
  • Gold für Naturgefahren-Plattform des Bundes
  • WSL-Ökologin erhält hoch dotierten EU-Grant
  • Stürmt es heute mehr und kräftiger als früher?
  • Erwärmung des Permafrosts legt eine Pause ein
  • EPFL inaugurates its new Bike Center
  • EPFL part of international effort to create Human Cell Atlas
  • When our view of the world is distorted by algorithms
  • A little fold-up joystick brings haptics to portable devices
  • Meteorite diamonds tell of a lost planet
  • FORWARD Forum: a unique gathering in support of innovation in SMEs

Lib4RI News

DORA Content Policy
Mon 16.04.18

As DORA has evolved into a fully operational institutional repository, we have now also formulated our content policy. This includes, but is not limited to, the document types and formats accepted for inclusion in DORA. This is the first part of our DORA policy, with an Open Access policy following in the near future. The content ...

Vacancy: Repository Specialist in the Publication Services Team
Thu 05.04.18

Join our team! We are searching for a motivated individual to help us manage our institutional repository DORA, lead the “correction of old data” project and contribute to the team’s projects. For more information about this position please click here.

Lib4RI-Update #14
Mon 26.03.18

Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #14» is now available! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below. English Version: • Open Access – Turning Point 2018? • Product Changes 2018 – E-Journals, E-Books & Databases Deutsche Version: • Open Access – Wendepunkt 2018?...

Update - Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Thu 22.03.18

Again we are very happy about the lively interest in our spring training series, with a record 170 registrations so far, and take this opportunity to say a very big thank you. At the same time, we would also like to announce that due to the high demand in our LaTeX courses, we are offering an additional session for «Module 5 ...

New Webform to Submit Your Publications to DORA
Thu 15.02.18

We are happy to announce that you can now inform us about your publications through our newly designed and easy-to-use webform. New features of this form include the automatic notification of co-authors and the possibility to upload more than one PDF. Take this opportunity to send us the “Accepted Versions” of your old and ...

Lib4RI's Searchbox - Changes to Article Search
Thu 01.02.18

On Lib4RI’s website the searchbox provides a quick entry to multiple bibliographic catalogues and databases. For article search, Web of Science has now been set as the new default search engine. This is because Scopus search results can no longer be shown in a nested frame due to technical limitations. Nonetheless, Scopus ...

E-Books & Databases: Changes 2018
Mon 22.01.18

By converting our e-book acquisition even stronger in the direction of demand-driven models such as «EBA» and «PDA», we were able to improve our offerings for 2018 even further: • Elsevier EBA: Lib4RI users have -now acc…

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Sun 21.01.18

Spring is coming soon and so is our biannual introductory course «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. In April and May 2018, we offer six individually bookable modules. In module 1, «Searching Scientific Information», you become skilled ...

Journals Resources: Changes 2018
Fri 19.01.18

To meet our user’s demands even better, we have licensed some new e-journal packages for 2018. However, we have also cancelled some journals and journal packages due to low usage, high price increases or a combination of both. These are the most important changes: • Jstor: Upgrade from the smaller «Biological Science Collection» ...

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