Submission process

You have finalised your article and are ready to submit it to a journal. How does this work exactly and what do you need to consider? Below, you find an overview of the most important steps and what to except during this process.

Cover letter

When submitting your article to a journal, it is advised to write a cover letter to state your case why your article should be consider for publication in this journal. This is an example of how this letter could look like and which parts you should include:

Cover letter

Reviewing process

If your article is accepted by a journal, it will go through a review process. Several peers will read your article, suggest some revisions, and send you a detailed list of what needs changing. You then need to reply to each comment of the reviewers. Below, you find some suggestions for sentences to use in your reply.

TopicPhrases / response
StartWe thank reviewer 1 for his/her revision. We have addressed his/her comments below.
Adapting document according to
reviewers comment 
We have incorporated your comments by...(add page number and line numbers)
Not agreeing with reviewers comment The sentence may be confusing; if you see on page…, we explain that…
You have raised an important point; however, we believe that…
Avoiding further studies/experimentsThis is a good suggestion. Unfortunately, we do not have the means….
Admitting mistakesWe thank reviewer 1 for this observation. Indeed it is a mistake…

After publication

Once you have successfully gone through the review process, your article will hopefully be accepted for publication after some minor or major revisions. What do you need to do next?

You want to make sure to set the accepted version of your article Open Access (usually after an embargo) in the institutional repository DORA (by email to @email), so that your peers at the four research institutes and beyond can read and build on your work. The accepted version is the last word or PDF file that you send to the journal, after all the corrections from the review process have been applied, and it has been accepted from the editor, but has still no formatting from the journal.