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As a member of the four research institutes, you can ask us for advice on writing and publishing your scientific work anytime. Here, you can watch our webinars on scientific writing, subscribe to a Nature Science Masterclass or book a library assistant to deal with your specific questions one-on-one.

We are still developing this brand-new service and are working hard to add more content and offer you even more help soon.

Scientific Writing Lib4RI Webinar

Our two webinars on scientific writing are freely available here. In addition, we offer free live trainings biannually. We are constantly striving to update and improve our courses. You are most welcome to join an upcoming live session for up-to-date information, extra learning material, live Q&As and a more personal tuition experience. For more information, please explore our Trainings.

Scientific Writing – Part 1

Learn how to plan and structure your journal or review article and improve your English grammar and academic writing style.

Steps Prior To Writing a Paper
Grammar and Style

15 October 2020

Scientific Writing – Part 2

Learn how the publication process works, how to review a paper and increase your visibility and impact as a researcher.

Tips on the Publication Process
Impact & Visibility

29 October 2020

Elsevier Researcher Academy

Elsevier offers free online courses to help you publish your research with their Elsevier Researcher Academy online modules. From preparation of your research to writing to peer review to sharing. They offer five courses with several themes and modules each:

Nature Science Masterclass

Springer Nature created the online courses Nature Science Masterclasses which are aimed to support the professional development of researchers. Lib4RI offered access to the online course Scientific Writing and Publishing in 2021. For 2022 we did not succeed to find an acceptable agreement with the publisher. We may, however, consider redeeming new access codes in the future if the terms are more to our favour.

Free of charge Nature Science Masterclass courses

Springer Nature offers also several free courses/tutorials on publishing articles as:

Ask for Help for Your Manuscript

Do you have specific problems or individual questions regarding your manuscript? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Other Trainings

ETH: Scientific Writing
EPFL: Academic Writing for Doctoral Students
Empa: Publishing in Science [intranet only]
Eawag: Writing English for Science [intranet only]
Eawag: Morgenroth, E. (2021) How to write a strong research paper and get it published in a scientific journal? Seminar at Harbin Institute of Technology (online), December 17, 2021.
WSL: Writing Clinic for researchers [intranet only]
Proof-reading and editing services: Dr. English and Dawes Scientific Editing


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