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As a member of the four research institutes, you can ask us for advice on writing and publishing your scientific work anytime. Here, you can watch our webinars on scientific writing, subscribe to a Nature Science Masterclass or book a library assistant to deal with your specific questions one-on-one.

We are still developing this brand-new service and are working hard to add more content and offer you even more help very soon.

Scientific Writing Lib4RI Webinar

Our two webinars on scientific writing are freely available here. In addition, we offer free live trainings biannually. We are constantly striving to update and improve our courses. You are most welcome to join an upcoming live session for up-to-date information, extra learning material, live Q&As and a more personal tuition experience. For more information, please explore our Trainings.

Scientific Writing – Part 1

Learn how to plan and structure your journal or review article and improve your English grammar and academic writing style.

Steps Prior To Writing a Paper
Grammar and Style

15 October 2020

Scientific Writing – Part 2

Learn how the publication process works, how to review a paper and increase your visibility and impact as a researcher.

Tips on the Publication Process
Impact & Visibility

29 October 2020

Nature Science Masterclass

Nature Science Masterclasses are online courses aimed to support the professional development of researchers. Lib4RI offers access to the online course Scientific Writing and Publishing.

Course Description


  • Develop writing skills and confidence writing for journals
  • Understand editorial processes and what editors look for
  • Learn best practices for submitting a paper and peer review


  • Taught by 36 editors from 20+ Nature Research journals
  • 11 hours of learning in 10-minute lessons
  • English language captions and transcripts are provided


How to Access the Course

If you are interested in taking part in this course then please do the following:

  • Read in detail the information in the course description (see above) and watch the introductory video (see below) to make sure this course is right for you.

  • Send us this online form (please open/edit the form with Adobe Reader/Acrobat and not in your browser). Access to the course is provided via a personal access code. We only have a limited number of codes that are valid till the 31st of December 2021. Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis. We ask all participants to send us their final certificate and course feedback.

Once we have received your request, we will send you the access code. To access the course please do the following:

  • After receiving the code from us go to and register
  • After logging in as a registered user go to the code authentication page
  • Enter the personal access code you have received and click «Redeem»
  • Once your code is redeemed you will be able to access the Scientific Writing and Publishing course
  • After your personal access code has been authenticated, the system will remember your subscription, so on any further visit, simply log in using the email and password you registered with
  • Detailed information on the registration process, code authentication, and subsequent course access can be found in the user guide we will send you accompanying the course code
  • You can find further useful information, FAQs and contact details for the Masterclasses support teams at Nature Masterclasses Help.

Other courses from Nature Science Masterclass

Nature Science Masterclass offer some free courses, e.g. the Focus on Peer Review course.

Ask for Help for Your Manuscript

Do you have specific problems or individual questions regarding your manuscript? Do not hesitate to contact us at

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