Lib4RI Update #24: We're Celebrating 10 Years Lib4RI


A milestone year has arrived! This year we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. 10 years since the libraries of the four Swiss federal research institutes Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL merged. 10 years of commitment to «excellent services for excellent research». 10 years Lib4RI.

We take this opportunity to thank all Lib4RI users, the Lib4RI steering committee and the board of directors of the four research institutes for their continued support over the past decade. Over the course of this year, we would like to celebrate what we have achieved with all of you.

On 25 November 2021 we will be celebrating the occasion at each research institute. View the full programme and more information on our dedicated website. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Lib4RI Team: 10 Years Lib4RI
Curtain up for your library. In 10 years, the library has achieved a lot! And now is the time to look back on our efforts. With pride and a touch of self-irony, we bring you an entertaining video introducing the library team, highlighting our accomplishments of the past decade and presenting our newest services.

Patti Basler & Philippe Kuhn: Instantprotokolle
Patti Basler is a poet and one of Switzerland’s best-known satirists. She analyses with razor-sharp precision, observes with accuracy, comments bluntly, and weaves it all into a playful and witty performance. We are thrilled to have Patti Basler back, 10 years after she celebrated the opening with us. She and her stage partner, Philippe Kuhn, will take notes throughout our anniversary programme and summarise the events from their unique perspective.

Sissy Fox: Live Music
Joana Aderi has many different styles. Her music is difficult to put into words. The music she releases as Sissy Fox has been described as «unpolished electronic», «raw electropop» or «supercooled soul», but nothing quite sums it up. In any case, Joana Aderi is a powerful live-performer that will certainly catch your attention. Following our anniversary programme at Eawag-Empa, Joana Aderi (vocal), Andreas Wettstein (drums), and Flo Diemer (sound tech) will give an electrifying live performance.

… and More: Food & Party
We will offer free nibbles and refreshments for all events at all sites. Come join us for a morning coffee and «Gipfeli» at PSI, for a delicious dessert after lunch at WSL or for an afternoon «Apéro» at Eawag-Empa. Following the Sissy Fox concert, we will throw a party at Eawag and keep on celebrating in the evening. Free snacks will be provided. Alcoholic beverages will be offered at cost price.

You are all warmly invited. We look forward to celebrating with you! Register here.

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