Upcoming talk on AI tools & copyright


An important practical and safety consideration when using AI tools in research, is how input and output material is affected by copyright law and what the legal situation is regarding the training of AI tools with copyright protected material. We are excited that Sandra Marmy-Brändli will shed some light on this issue in her talk "Potential copyright issues when using AI tools in research" on Tuesday, 26 March, as part of our "AI tools & LLMs" lecture series. The talk will be held online via Zoom.

Sandra Marmy-Brändli: Potential copyright issues when using AI tools in research

Sandra Marmy-Brändli
  • Date: Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 15.00 - 16.00
  • Place: online via Zoom
  • Speaker: Dr. Sandra Marmy-Brändli, Associate Intellectual Property Practice Group Baker McKenzie

In this talk, Sandra Marmy-Brändli will elaborate on the potential copyright issues researchers may face when using AI tools in their research. First, she will look at the question of whether AI-output can be protected by copyright law and if so under what conditions. Secondly, she will take a deeper look at potential copyright obstacles for training AI tools with copyright protected material, as well as potential defense strategies. Lastly, she will review the potential risks of infringing third party copyrights by using output created by AI tools.

The main aim of the presentation is to provide an overview over the legal situation in Switzerland; however, she will also shed light on the situation in the EU and briefly review some of the most recent ongoing AI cases from around the world, namely the pending AI law suits in the United States.

Check our "AI tools & LLMs" lecture series website for more details about previous events and check our FAQs on LLMs & AI tools for more information about AI tools and using them in scientific writing.

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