Trial Access: MethodsNow

Dr. Rainer Rees

From October 10th on, Lib4RI users have the chance to test the new CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society) product «MethodsNow». «MethodsNow» is a database that contains step-by-step instructions for analytical methods from areas such as environmental science, material science and many more.

It is much easier and faster to find methodologic instructions in «MethodsNow» than in bibliographic databases. Furthermore, methods can be compared easily and filtered by method specific parameters like instrumentation, discipline, matrix and analyte. All methods are also linked to the original publications from where they were extracted. At the moment there are about 2 million methods in the database and the number is steadily growing. Researchers who focus on synthesis will find the relevant methods directly in «SciFinder».

The trial will only run for two weeks, so we recommend interested users to register prior to the test. There is one common registration for «SciFinder» and «MethodsNow», so only those users have to register who do not have a SciFinder account yet. This is the direct link to «MethodsNow», an alternative entry point can be found on the «SciFinder» starting page in the top left corner under the «CAS Solutions» button. Training materials for «MethodsNow» can be found on the CAS Website. There is also the option to organise a «MethodsNow» training in future if there is enough interest amongst Lib4RI users.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments on the «MethodsNow» trial.