SpringerMaterials extended by Corrosion Database

Dr. Rainer Rees

Besides the well-known Landolt-Börnstein database and other resources, such as the Linus Pauling files, Springer has recently also included the Corrosion Database into SpringerMaterials. This database on corrosion rates and behaviour of materials was originally published as the CORR-DATA database by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, NIST. NIST collected the data from various sources, the references to these sources are also included in the SpringerMaterials Corrosion Database. The Corrosion Database contains 24,724 unique records of corrosion rates or ratings and can be filtered for more than 1,000 materials, 288 environments and various exposure conditions. The Corrosion Database can be easily accessed via the “Corrosion Search” button on the SpringerMaterials homepage.

Another update to SpringerMaterials is the citation download feature, which is available for all data types. You can now download citations for SpringerMaterials records directly to your reference management software in either .bib, .EndNote, or .ris format.

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