New Resources – Extensions as a result of the merger

Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher & Dr. Maura Vonmoos

Information resources which until now have been available at one of the four research institutes are now available at all four institutions. That amounts to a substantially improved range of resources for all users. All of our databases and journals can be found on our website (see Resources > Databases and Resources > Journals).

Multidisciplinary Databases

Scopus, an important literature database and an alternative to Web of Science, is newly available also at the PSI. Conversely, for the other three research institutes we were able to extend access to the patent database Derwent Innovations Index, as well as to Dissertations & Theses and to the Conference Proceedings in the Web of Science.

Natural Science and Technology Databases

GeoRef and MathSciNet have until now only been available at the PSI and are now available at all locations. We are also now able to offer all users access to Biosis PreviewsCompendexInspec and CSA Technology Research Database have also only been accessible on the PSI – now these databases can also be used at the other research institutes too.

Reference Works

SpringerMaterials is a reference database for physics, chemistry and material sciences, which is based on the classic Landolt-Börnstein. In addition, the Encylopedia Britannica, the Brockhaus, the Oxford Language Dictionary and Le Grand Robert are now available to all users.

Journal Packages

We were able to enhance the portfolio of online journals with several delightful additions. All 32 titles of the publisher Annual Reviews are newly available on the PSI as well, and over 300 journal titles from Taylor & Francis are now on the PSI and the WSL. Conversely, 9 titles from Cell Press which have only been available on the PSI can now be accessed at all four locations. A large package from the publisher Emerald with more than 140 titles, as well as BioOne, a platform with 160 journals from primarily smaller publishers, has been newly licensed.
The range of titles from the Nature Publishing Group could also be considerably extended because of the merger. The following journals are now available at all locations: Nature BiotechnologyNature ChemistryNature CommunicationsNature Climate ChangeNature GeoscienceNature MaterialsNature MedicineNature MethodsNature NanotechnologyNature PhotonicsNature PhysicsNature Structural & Molecular BiologyNature Reviews Cancer und Nature Reviews Microbiology.
Moreover, all research institutes now have access to all journals of many of the more important scientific societies: ACS (American Chemical Society)AGU (American Geophysical Union)ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)ASM (American Society for Microbiology)ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineering)ESA (Ecological Society of America)IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)IOP (Institute of Physics)IWA (International Water Association)NRC (National Research Council, Canada)RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) and The Royal Society (London).

Access Problems?

When renewing licenses at the beginning of the year experience shows that there can be activation problems caused by the publishers. This is very annoying and we make it a priority to iron out such problems as soon as possible. Should something not be accessible, please contact us at: @email.