New resource category: Protocols

Dr. Rainer Rees

The resources in this new product category Protocols on our website have already been available for Lib4RI users, but by creating a new entry in the drop-down list «Resources» we wanted to increase their visibility and discoverability. The list includes cookbook-style protocols for experiments and analytical methods that did not fit into any of the existing categories on our products list.

The types of listed resources span from databases to e-books and e-journals. Most of the resources listed come from the life sciences, but the topical range is rather large and protocols for chemistryimaging and nanotechnology are also to be found. To promote open access we marked the open access resources, but did otherwise not distinguish between open access and subscribed products. However, to provide some guidance on quality control of the single resources we separated the list into peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed products.

We hope to further expand the number of resources in this product category in future to provide you with an even better choice of resources to prepare for your next project. We are looking forward to your feedback on this new product category and our resources in general. Please send us an e-mail or visit us at one of the Lib4RI library sites.