New Product: LexisNexis Academic

Rainer Rees-Mertins, Doris Skaric

We have recently licensed the LexisNexis database due to a user request. It is now available to all Lib4RI users. LexisNexis Academic comprises a wide range of different sources such as legal material, newspaper articles, websites, economic and biographical information and journals. The total number of newspapers and magazines is >10,000. The information provided is international, English language titles are dominant, but you will also find Swiss, German and French titles. The full texts provided do not include pictures and graphs, the database is intended for text analysis. Because of copyright restrictions, LexisNexis does not include all published articles of some sources.

To make the access to the newspapers and magazines as easy as possible, we have incorporated them in the «Journals Search» on our homepage. You can also find the database by going to «Databases» in the tab «Resources» on our homepage. Searching LexisNexis needs some familiarization if you are not used to work with full text searches. Thus, we highly recommend to watch the video tutorial for LexisNexis before you start searching or pass by in the library to get an introduction. The database offers many possibilities to narrow down the results before searching. However, there are very few facets to exclude less interesting results from the hit list. To search for a specific newspaper or magazine in LexisNexis you can go to the subsite «Source Directory».

Please do not hesitate to contact @email if you have questions concerning LexisNexis or if you would also like to suggest a journal, database or other products. We also highly value your feedback on our new products.