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DBIS (Datenbank-Infosystem) provides information on more than 9000 scientific databases, 3300 of which are freely accessible. Databases can be searched by keyword, research area, geographic area and type of database. This service is only available in German.


Landolt-Börnstein OPEN DATABASE 

This database is included in Springer Materials


LexisNexis contains all kind of economic and legal information in full text. An important part of the information contained are also news articles and releases. The total number of newspapers and magazines is >10,000. The information provided is international, English language titles are dominant, but you will also find Swiss, German and French titles. The full texts provided do not include pictures and graphs, the database is intended for text analysis.

Searching LexisNexis needs some familiarization if you are not used to work with full text searches. Thus, we highly recommend to watch a video tutorial for LexisNexis before you start searching or pass by in the library to get an introduction.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (EBSCO) OPEN DATABASE 

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) indexes more than 560 core journals, nearly 50 priority journals, and nearly 125 selective journals; plus books, research reports and proceedings. Subject coverage includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. Coverage in the database extends back as far as the mid-1960s.


LIVIVO is an interdisciplinary search engine for life sciences provided by ZB MED Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences.

Scientifically relevant information from the ZB MED subjects fields medicine, health, nutrition, environmental and agricultural sciences is bundled and provided on a standard interface for free research.

Please follow the tab «More Links» below a specific search result to obtain links to the full texts.

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