New in 2016: Reference Works, E-Books & Databases

Maura Vonmoos, Rainer Rees-Mertins, Lothar Nunnenmacher

New Reference Works & Databases

In 2016 we have significantly expanded our collection of reference works:

Furthermore, Lib4RI has access to the new database Phase Equilibria Diagrams Online, published by the American Ceramics Society (ACerS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (more detail).

New E-Books

The new selection of e-books include the following:

This year Lib4RI is using two relatively new acquisition models to expand its e-book collection significantly. What the two models have in common is that all content or relevant collections of a publisher is accessible to the library user throughout the year without actually being purchased by the library. With the Evidence-Based Acquisition model (EBA) the library selects books which should remain permanently accessible only after the end of the year and for a previously arranged sum of money, typically based on usage statistics. In the Patron-Driven (or Demand-Driven) Acquisition model (PDA), however, the purchase is automatically triggered by the user (through repeated use of the document) up to the amount agreed to in advance and is, hence, not entirely determined by the library. The advantage of both these models is, apart from the wide range of titles available, that in the end the library only acquires those books where there is clear evidence of usage.

In this way, we can offer you access to:

  • all Artech House e-books with science and engineering as their main topics (more detail)
  • all CRC Press e-books published 2014-2016 (around 2,900 titles in addition to the previously purchased CRC e-books collections)
  • the 2014-2016 published e-books from the Science and Engineering Research Collection of Cambridge University Press (CUP) (around 1,300 titles)
  • the Elsevier e-books 2012-2016, apart from our currently purchased nine subject collections, which adds more than 2,000 titles
  • the Hanser e-books 2014-2016 (500 titles)
  • around 200 JSTOR titles from the subject areas Business & Economics, Political Science, Science & Technology, Sustainability (more detail)
  • the Engineering Digital Library from Momentum Press (around 120 titles published 2014-2016)
  • Taylor & Francis e-books published 2008-2016 from the subject collections Construction, Energy, Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Geography, Planning (around 1,200 titles)
  • the e-books from Wageningen Academic Publishers, a publisher in the field of life sciences (around 300 titles)
  • the World Scientific e-books not previously acquired (around 6,000 titles).

Should you encounter access problems or have any questions about our e-books, reference works and databases, we would be pleased to assist you. We also highly value your feedback on our new products. Please contact us at @email.