New in 2016: Journals

Maura Vonmoos, Rainer Rees-Mertins, Lothar Nunnenmacher

In 2016 we can offer you the following new journal packages, two of which have been set up on a trial basis:

  • All EDP Sciences journals are accessible in a year-long trial, covering environmental, engineering, chemistry und life science.
  • We have expanded the WISO Fachzeitschriften Technik from GBI-Genios by 16 new journals.
  • We have newly licensed the IEEE/IET Electronic Library, which is a very pleasing development following the reduction to five journals last year. Now we can offer access to an even wider content than in previous years: 174 IEEE journals, magazines, and transactions; 26 IET journals and magazines; proceedings from over 1,400 IEEE and IET annual conferences; 2,800 IEEE standards and even the backfiles for all titles (more detail).
  • Maney Publishing was taken over by Taylor & Francis and all their titles have become part of our Taylor & Francis collection.
  • Lib4RI users now have access to all Nature publishing group (npg) journals, including all volumes. This is a significant expansion of our existing Nature collection, mainly with medicine and life science titles (more detail).
  • The 6 journals from Wageningen Academic Publishers in the field of life sciences are offered in a year-long trial.
  • Thanks to a new subscription model we can offer you access to all Wiley journals, that is, the available titles have almost doubled in comparison with the previous year. The journals of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) are from 2016 on also part of the Wiley journal portfolio.
  • Our Wiley journal backfile collection has been expanded by Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie (1894-1998) and The Canadian journal of chemical engineering (1958-1996).
  • Due to a massive price increase we have cancelled our subscription to the Sage Material Science & Engineering Collection and continue a current subscription only for the three titles Textile Research JournalWaste Management & Research, and Journal of building physics.

Should you encounter access problems or have any questions about our e-journals, we would be pleased to assist you. We also highly value your feedback on our new products. Please contact us at @email