Love Data Week 2024: recordings available


On the occasion of International Love Data Week, Lib4RI organised a series of online coffee lectures with speakers from the four Research Institutes. The topics covered the entire life cycle of research data - from initial management planning through analysis and visualisation to application and sharing - and were met with wide interest by over 170 viewers. The video recordings of these coffee lectures are now available. Please note that you can only watch them within the IP range of the four Research Institutes! Please connect to the server via cable or VPN.

Programme and speakers

  • Monday, 12 Feburary 2024: Reza Ali Rezaee Vahdati (PSI) - Data as the Lifeblood of the Circular Economy - The Role of ReMade@ARI in Shaping Sustainable Futures
  • Tuesday, 13 February 2024: Stuart Dennis (Eawag) - Using High Performance Computing for "normal" data
  • Wednesday, 14 February 2024: Martins Zaumanis (Empa) - Data visualization. What makes a good graph?
  • Thursday, 15 February: Matthias Rösslein (Empa) - Don’t underestimate the task. Horizon Europe DMP as a project partner
  • Friday, 16 February: Mathias Bavay, SLF and Ionut Iosifescu (WSL) - Do you care about FAIR data series? You NEAD to upgrade!


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