Lib4RI's Document Delivery Service in a New Look

InfoServices & Document Delivery Group

Today, Lib4RI’s InfoServices & Document Delivery is happy to introduce its new DocDel system.

The new DocDel system is an important milestone for the continuous improvement of our user services. On our website and also via our SFX link resolver, a new entry form is available allowing you to lodge your document delivery request. Here you also have the option to order high-quality documents, if required. Furthermore traffic on the corporate e-mail system is eased by downloading the documents directly from our file server. You receive the PDF link in our delivery e-mail.

The new web-based system allows for location-independent processing of all user requests. This simplifies internal processes and ensures an even faster fulfilment of your requests while maintaining our quality standards. The system was designed and implemented with the active support of colleagues from the University of Zurich main library.

Do you have any suggestions or comments on the new system? We greatly appreciate your feedback at @email.