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The content of this website is currently under revision due to the change from NEBIS to swisscovery. More details on the transition are available here.

The link resolver «Get it at Lib4RI» is a fast and convenient way to get from the reference in a database, catalogue or search engine to the corresponding full text. In many databases licensed by the Lib4RI you find this button of our link resolver: Once you click on this button, the link resolver will check if we have an electronic version of the document and, if so, provides a link to the article or book on the publisher's website. If the library can't offer an electronic full text of the article or book, the link resolver menu gives you several other options to acquire the document as well as additional services (see below).

The Link Resolver Menu

Once you click on the «Get it at Lib4RI» button, a menu will open in a new window listing all services for that particular record. Not all services will always appear for every record. Which services are presented, depends on the database you are searching and the information available for the particular reference.

Services via the menu

The services in the link resolver menu are presented in three groups:

Full text
1 Full text: If available, you will find a link to the full-text article on the publisher's website or on the website of a content aggregator (e.g. JSTOR, BioOne) here.

Further options to get it
2 Google Scholar: Search Google Scholar using the article title, author name or journal name. Google Scholar not only finds articles on publishers' websites but also archived full-text articles in institutional repositories or on private homepages.

3 NEBIS: Check for this item in the NEBIS catalogue. If the journal (and the required volume) is available in print at one of the NEBIS libraries, you may order a PDF of the scanned article (free of charge for users at Eawag, Empa, WSL & PSI).

4 Document Delivery Service: If the desired article is neither available as an electronic full text nor in the collection of the NEBIS libraries, you may order a PDF of the article via our document delivery service (more information).

Additional services
5 Feedback: Send us your comments and questions, or report problems with the access to electronic resources.

6 E-mail citation: Send an e-mail with the bibliographic data, e.g. to recommend an article to a colleague.

7 Save citation: This option allows you to save the citation for the article in RIS format for importing into a bibliographic management applications, e.g. EndNote (see notes).

8 Journal Citation Reports: Did you ever struggle with finding the impact factor for a journal in the Journal Citation Reports? Here is a more convenient way for finding impact factors. Both editions of the Journal Citation Reports (Science Edition & Social Sciences Edition) are searched simultaneously. Please note, however, that only the journals licensed by the library Lib4RI (plus more than 8000 Open Access journals) are covered.

Integration with your Reference Management Application

You are able to integrate Lib4RI's link resolver into several reference management programs, such as EndNote and Zotero. This allows you to quickly access or download full-text articles for records in your reference collection. Below are instructions to modify your settings in these programs to activate this functionality.


For EndNote (X4 or later):
1. In EndNote (desktop application) go to Edit > Preferences… > Find Full Text > OpenURL Path
2. Enter this URL:
3. Select one or more references in your EndNote library and select References > Find Full-Text. EndNote will try to locate full texts through Lib4RI's link resolver and begin downloading PDFs if available.


For Zotero:
1. In Zotero go to Preferences > Advanced > OpenURL
2. Enter the following URL:
3. Now, if you select the «Library Lookup» option in Zotero's Locate menu, Zotero will try to locate a full-text copy through Lib4RI's link resolver.

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