Lib4RI-Update #34: Advancements in 4RI’s Open Access transformation: new Read & Publish agreement with Elsevier


We're pleased to announce that the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries has renewed the agreement with Elsevier. It signifies another step forward in the Open Access (OA) transformation and puts us on track to have more than an estimated 90% of our publication output OA.

Benefits of the new agreement with Elsevier for researchers affiliated with the 4RI

  • Publishing: The agreement covers OA fees for eligible articles by corresponding authors affiliated with the 4RIs. It includes approximately 2'500 Elsevier journals, now also journals by Cell Press and The Lancet. Researchers can use Lib4RI’s Search Tool to identify relevant journals before submission and determine whether a journal is included in the agreement. Articles published from January 2024 will be made OA retroactively and authors who have paid APCs in 2024 will be refunded.
  • Reading: Researchers can access all journal content published by Elsevier and their society partners on ScienceDirect while connected to their institution's network.

For more information about this agreement, please refer to the official announcement on the swissuniversities website. Our Open Access agreement page includes additional details about the agreement's mechanics. More details will be added as soon as they become available. We look forward to the opportunities this agreement brings to our researchers, enabling them to publish their work Open Access and broadening the potential reach of their work.

Open Access agreements at Lib4RI

The agreement with Elsevier and the recent agreement with the American Physical Society (APS) mark a significant milestone in making OA the default for publications from researchers affiliated with the 4RIs.

publications share
The figure shows the percentage breakdown of the 4RI researchers’ publication output with different publishers. This visualisation helps in understanding the distribution and dominance of publishers in the 4RI’s publication landscape.

In some cases, even the large number of Read & Publish agreements might not help to publish your manuscript OA. This can happen if you are not the corresponding author, if the specific journal is not included in an agreement, or if the yearly quota is already used. In these cases, however, there is an alternative as well. We encourage you to consider the Green Road to OA and submit the accepted version of your manuscript to our institutional repository DORA. This helps to increase the worldwide visibility and thereby the impact of your article.

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