Lib4RI is Strengthening its Open-Source Engagement

Michael Köbberich

Islandora is the key software framework behind the institutional repository DORA and is built on top of Drupal, Solr and Fedora Commons. By extending and customizing the functionality of DORA, Lib4RI has acquired some expertise on how to work with and contribute to such open-source projects. This expertise is increasingly considered a valuable contribution to the open-source community.

Lib4RI, the library of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL, provides the four research institutes with an institutional repository and bibliography called DORA. This service helps to increase the author’s visibility and to comply with the Open Access requirements that many funders have put in place. By uploading their publications to DORA, researchers can ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of their research output. The software framework making all this possible is built on open-source projects such as Drupal, Islandora, Solr and Fedora Commons.

In June, Lib4RI hosted an international community of developers and maintainers attending “Islandora Camp” for an annual workshop organized by the Islandora Foundation. Lib4RI was very pleased that the Islandora community had chosen Forum Chriesbach in Dübendorf as their event location in 2019. The Islandora Foundation is a federally incorporated, community-driven soliciting non-profit organisation. It oversees the maintenance of the primary code base and provides the framework needed to consolidate the numerous contributions received from the community.

In recent years, Lib4RI developers are continuously customizing the functionality of DORA to meet the requirements at the four research institutes within the ETH domain. The lessons learned from this process, both on the technical and administrative side of Islandora, have accumulated in an expertise that is increasingly considered valuable by a wider community. A novel workflow is currently being developed by Lib4RI (see image above), which was presented to the public at the Open Repositories 2019 conference. The newly designed workflow is getting much closer to achieve its two main goals, which are 1). to provide a user experience as convenient as possible for the researcher and 2). to function as efficient as possible for the library staff. Further details on the workflow itself and its implementation into Islandora can be found on our conference poster.

Download your copy of the poster presented at Open Repositories.

Engaging and inspiring discussions and feedback around the technical implementation of the workflow at the Islandora Camp in Dübendorf further helped to improve the quality of the newly developed set of methods. The direct exchange with the Islandora community at the camp was thus very much appreciated.

Download the handout to the presentation held at the Islandora Camp.

By welcoming the Islandora campers to Dübendorf and by contributing own work, Lib4RI is further strengthening its engagement in the open-source community.