Lib4RI SOLA Team - Join Us!


For our 10-year anniversary, we’re participating in this year’s SOLA-relay!

We’re now officially recruiting runners for our Lib4Run SOLA-relay team. Come and join us! The SOLA-relay is the largest university sports event in Switzerland. It is a cross-country running race organised by ASVZ. Some 900 teams participate every year. This year’s race takes place on 8 Mai 2021 from 7:30 to 18:15. The total distance of 114.18 km and ascent of 2655 m is divided into 14 legs. Section distances range from 3.71 km to 14.09 km and ascents from 45 m to 415 m. Take a look at the routes and profiles for details.

Up for the challenge? Contact us by 29 January 2021 to join the team (registration with ASVZ opens on 1 February 2021).

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