Lib4RI is helping your indexing in Web of Science!


As a service to our researchers, we reviewed publications in the institutional repository DORA which are published in journals that have an impact factor, but are not indexed in Web of Science. While it is generally the norm that all articles published in journals with an impact factor are indexed in Web of Science, articles may not be indexed correctly.

There can be several reasons why articles may not be indexed in Web of Science correctly, such as typos in the DOIs, or mismatching between Web of Science and the publisher’s website. This results in reduced visibility of your research and miscalculation of metrics such as your h-index. 

We reviewed all publications from 2000-2022 and found that for 2000-2009, 55 publications were not indexed in Web of Science, whereas for 2010-2022, 111 were missing. Therefore, a total of 166 published articles by researchers of the four research institutes that were missing are now reported for addition in Web of Science. 

Besides correcting publication entries in other databases, we are happy to support you in improving your online presence, e.g. helping you merge your created Web of Science profiles into one for better visibility.

Feel free to contact Lib4RI Publication Services any time!