DORA is the institutional repository and bibliography of the four research institutes within the ETH Domain ( Eawag, Empa, PSI, and WSL ), hosted by Lib4RI. The repository is based on the open source software framework Islandora.

DORA simultaneously acts as:

  • Open Access (OA) Repository — Researchers are able to make full text versions of their scientific articles freely available in DORA (through the green road to OA), thus increasing the visibility of publications and facilitating compliance with the OA policies of many research funders.
  • BibliographyDORA records the scientific publications of the research institutes and is thus a source for publication lists used e.g. on the institutional websites or for academic reports.
  • ArchiveDORA preserves the publications in full text and makes them available to members of the research institutes.

Publications and collections per institute

Registering your publications in DORA

As a service to our users, we developed an ingestion workflow to automatically include publications in DORA. However, you can still manually submit remaining publications with the forms below:

Please keep in mind the Content Policy.

DORA features and more

  • Ask for a DOI.
  • Ask for a number for your PSI report: To request a number for a «PSI-Bericht» or «PSI-Preprint», please send a copy of the completed and signed «Scientific Publications Application Form» in German or English (PSI-Intranet only) together with the first page of the report or preprint to
  • View statistics on Open Access share and monitors access to articles (views, downloads).
  • Have your articles’ metadata automatically and continuously enhanced and corrected by professional librarians.
  • Download our freely available ingestion workflow from GitHub.

Contact us

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