DORA features & more

DORA is more than just a repository! Learn more about the platform's useful features below.

  • Increase your visibility through Green Open Access in DORA.
  • Have your articles’ metadata automatically and continuously enhanced and corrected by professional librarians.
  • View statistics on Open Access share and monitor access to articles (views, downloads).
  • Integrate the publication lists from DORA into your website automatically.
  • Ask for a DOI.
  • Ask for a number for your PSI report: To request a number for a «PSI-Bericht» or «PSI-Preprint», please send a copy of the completed and signed «Scientific Publications Application Form» in German or English (PSI-Intranet only) together with the first page of the report or preprint to @email.
  • Download our freely available ingestion workflow from GitHub.

About the DORA metadata

The publication's metadata are based on the information we find on the publication's full text.

Regarding the author metadata, we currently automatically insert author affiliations using information directly provided to us from the institute. Please note, that although we receive the current information we still always check the affiliation on the document and set the affiliation according to the information provided there. For publications before 2006 only the specific institute is linked and not a specific research unit, as information about research units was not available at that time.

In DORA, it is possible to add more than one version of an author's name in our records. For example, if authors change their name due to marriage, all their publications will still be linked below their same author DORA object and thus author-search link. For more information on how you can create specific author publication lists please see here.