Access to National Licences now Open to the Public

Rainer Rees-Mertins

As academics, Lib4RI users have access to the Swiss national licences via the Lib4RI website since August 2016. Now they were made available to the public, too. The national licences comprise three online journal archives with more than two million scientific articles covering all subject areas:

  • Cambridge University Press (1770 – 2015)
  • De Gruyter (1826 – 2015)
  • Oxford University Press (1895 – 2015)

You can search the archives via Swissbib.

To register for free access, please go to:
Without registering you can also access the journal archives at one of the authorized libraries (for example at Lib4RI or a university or cantonal library). For further information on access options visit the website:

Articles published in 2016 will be available after a 2 year (de Gruyter), 3 year (Oxford University Press) and 5 year embargo (Cambridge University Press). The same embargo applies to the years thereafter. These journal archives are made available by the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries with the support of swissuniversities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions on the national licence products.