We Welcome Doris Skaric to the Team

Lothar Nunnenmacher

On 1 December, Doris Škarić joined the Lib4RI team as a group leader for «Collection Management & Metadata». In this new team, she will bring together the acquisition and management of electronic and printed media. With Doris as the new team leader, this unification of resources will result in more efficient back office services. With a further reduction of the acquisition of printed material, there will be more capacity for improving existing and implementing new information services for the members of the four research institutes.

Doris Škarić holds a university degree (M.A., LMU München) in the History of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, a Master in Library and Information Science (FH Köln) and a certificate in informatics (FH Trier). Lib4RI will benefit from her knowledge and her extensive work experience at the Bavarian State Library in the field of digital library services (e.g. digitization, the implementation of a disciplinary repository, Open Access publishing, digital long-term preservation).

The library team wishes Doris a good start!