Updated Open Access Policy and Funding at Empa

Publication Services Team

Empa is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In the context of the recent directive MHB-4.2.9 ‘Open Access Policy and funding’ (intranet only) Empa now actively supports the green and golden ways of open access. As a publicly funded institution, Empa accentuates its responsibility to inform the public about research activities and results.

Since 1 July 2019, authors are required to make their research accessible by either of the following two ways: 1) Electronic copies of accepted manuscripts of all peer-reviewed articles are submitted to DORA Empa, the institutional repository at Empa (green way), which is provided by Lib4RI. 2) Alternatively, financial support for publishing in Open Access Journals can be requested from the Empa Open Access Publishing Fund (golden way).

Further details about the Empa Open Access Publication Fund and the application process are available on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact the Lib4RI Publication Services team should you have any further questions.