Updated: Lib4RI Supports Transfer of E-Books & Journals to Open Access

Rainer Rees-Mertins

By pledging for the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) STEM e-Book Collection 2018, Lib4RI funds open access and helps to make 100 e-books open access. Lib4RI is in very good company, there are already more than 100 libraries worldwide participating this year. The number of libraries taking part is quite important, as KU works basically like crowdfunding. So, the more libraries take part, the more likely it is that all books on the list will be transferred to open access.

Each year, a list of e-books from different subject areas is proposed by KU for making them open access. The list is compiled by an international committee. This year is the first time that there is also a STEM collection, which is part of the reason why Lib4RI got involved now. The list consists of 20 frontlist and 80 backlist titles from renown publishers such as CRC Press, De Gruyter and the International Water Association IWA. Actually, there is even a book from three Eawag researchers on the list. By pledging for KU, we are able to support these researcher to increase the visibility of their research.

Due to the strong focus of the KU journal list on aquatic sciences and sustainability we decided to pledge for the journals as well. If the pledge is successful, authors from the four research institute will be able to publish in these six journals without paying an article processing charge in the next three years.

Please contact us if you have questions on Knowledge Unlatched or Open Access @email.