Trial Access to Maney Publishing's Material Science & Engineering Collection

Dr. R. Rees

Maney Publishing is a smaller UK based academic publisher. We have arranged a yearlong test trial for the 40 journals of Maney’s Material Science & Engineering Collection. Some high quality journals are included in the package, e.g. International Material Reviews (IF: 6.55), which Maney publishes on behalf of the IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) and ASM international. Access to the journal archives is included in the trial.

As the name says, the journals in the collection are mainly from material science and engineering. Titles providing broad coverage of their discipline are complemented by specialist titles focusing on niche areas such as mineral resources, physical metallurgy, surface engineering, geotechnical engineering, water science and technology and transportation.

We highly appreciate your feedback on our Maney trial via @email.