Trial access to Cambridge Journals

Dr. Maura Vonmoos

Lib4RI is providing trial access to all Cambridge Journals via Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) until June 3, 2011. The direct link is:

This platform offers access to over 260 peer-reviewed Cambridge journals. The
Cambridge University Press Journals are globally recognised for their quality and editorial integrity and many titles are essential to the research fields within which they are published. Cambridge Journals publishes on behalf of many leading scientific societies, such as EDP Sciences, MRS Society, The Nutrition Society, The Zoological Society, London Mathematical Society, The Marine Biological Association, Cambridge Philosophical Society and many more!

CJO is a journals hosting service with new functionalities regularly coming up. It offers simple access to the collection of journals by browsing different categories such as subject or title, searching citations or the journal content. Different filters can further narrow the search results. Citations, including abstracts, can be imported in citation software like EndNote or RefWorks. Registering allows you to sign up for content alerts, create favourites for your key journals and subjects, as well as to save searches. Furthermore, RSS feeds can be installed. More information on the CJO features can be found on the platform itself.

Full-text access to all journals will be available to the users of Lib4RI from May 3 to June 3, 2011. For further information contact Maura Vonmoos.