Swisscovery Loan Requests: New Layout


As of Monday, 14 November 2022, the user interface of the research platform swisscovery appears in a new layout and offers new functions.

New ordering process
The request interface is now divided into two areas: «Pickup on site» and «Further request options». This includes more detailed information on the cost of the services, see SLSP Courier News. Also, the user account interface was revised for more clarity.

Extended research options
Now more libraries from the canton of Vaud are listed with their holdings in swisscovery. You can find all holdings including those from other Swiss universities in the new «swisscovery plus» search profile.

For employees of the 4 research institutes, the following applies (as before):

  • The cost for the courier service (6 CHF) is covered by Lib4RI
  • Copy requests from non-Lib4RI libraries need to be ordered via our Document Delivery Service (free of charge).

Should you have any questions, please contact Lib4RI’s InfoServices at @email or via phone/Skype (058 765 5700).