Results of the journal survey

Dr. Jochen Bihn

The directorates of the four research institutes initiated a survey to identify the most important scientific journals. From September 2010 to March 2011 members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL were asked to name the five most important journals for their work in an online survey.

We received responses from 602 people, who named a total of 881 journals. Many thanks for your support! The information you provided has given us crucial feedback on the journals you need.

Many of you commented that a selection of just five journals is not sufficient for your work. We totally agree and do not intend to restrict the number of journals to just five (or any other number). However, prices for journal subscriptions have been rising for several decades (often by 10-20% each year), while the funds available to the library remain, at best, static. Therefore, the cancellation of some journal subscriptions seems inevitable in the future.

Additionally, the survey allows us to identify gaps in our collection of journals. We are still analyzing your responses but have already started negotiations with publishers of journal titles which received many votes in the survey but are currently not licensed by Lib4RI. Thus, conversely to cancellations of some journals, expect some additions to our journal collection soon!

Download the survey report (in German) to learn more about the results of the survey.

Ergebnisse der Zeitschriften-Umfrage [PDF, 1MB]