Research data management resources


  • The Turing Way handbook to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science. An excellent reference if you want to learn more about any aspect of research data management. This guide both explains concepts such as versioning, computer environments and metadata, and offer plenty of hands-on advice. It is a community-driven project funded by the Alan Turing Institute, UK.
  • RDMkit - The research data management toolkit for life sciences. Best practices and guidelines to support your research data management needs. Particularly useful for more specialized advice, as you can easily navigate resources depending on your role, research field or European country to find tailored information. RDMkit is a community-built resource led by ELIXIR and funded by the European Union.

Resources at the four federal research institutes

In the table below we have collected links and contacts for key data management resources at the federal research institutes.

Icons from Streamlinehq, CC BY 4.0 Licence.

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Last updated 21.05.2024.