Publication Metrics in DORA

Publication Services Team

Citation counts and other metrics related to individual publications are now available in DORA.

DORA provides citation counts from three sources: Web of Science, Scopus and Crossref. Web of Science used to be the only citation database to cover all domains of science for many years. However, Elsevier introduced the database Scopus in 2004, which has rapidly become a good alternative. Crossref is the official DOI registration agency of the international DOI foundation. In addition to assigning DOIs to scholarly content, Crossref provides additional services such as citation data for publications with a (Crossref) DOI.

Why three sources? Each resource indexes a different combination of publications, so the citations counts are likely to differ. No single citation index can provide you a complete citation count. Having an overview of different values you obtain a better idea of the actual citation count for a specific publication.

What about altmetrics? Altmetrics are non-traditional metrics (also known as ‘alternative metrics’) proposed as a complement to traditional citation metrics. They take, for example, into account how many times a publication has been downloaded, viewed, recommended and discussed in any online media you can imagine (e.g., Twitter, Blogs, Mendeley, news releases). The implementation of altmetrics in DORA is based on data provided by Altmetric. Altmetric assigns each publication an automatically calculated “Altmetric score” which is intended to reflect the reach or popularity of the research output.

Should you have any questions about these new features do not hesitate to contact us at @email.