Problems to Access SpringerMaterials?

Rainer Rees & Lothar Nunnenmacher

Yes, we subscribe to SpringerMaterials and you can access the database and all of the full texts at

More than a month ago, Springer announced the launch of a new platform for this database at However, since then, it is only possible to search and browse for articles there, but full texts are not accessible. In the meantime Springer even sent additional e-mails promoting their new product, but Lib4RI users still find themselves in front of locked doors, if they try to access a full text. It is not satisfactory, that Lib4RI has a subscription for the product, but our users are attracted to a new platform that does not have the most important thing, the full text.

The statement from Springer that «Until the end of the year, a series of additional functionalities will be integrated. Also, more content will be uploaded as well.» makes us suspicious, whether it is reasonable to use the new platform until this process is completed.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We will inform you as soon as the new platform works properly. If you would like to use SpringerMaterials in the meantime, please go to the old platform .