Our Lib4RI & Friends team successfully completed the SOLA-Stafette


Members of Lib4RI and friends formed a team and participated in this year’s SOLA-Stafette. Last Saturday, the team with the starting number 473 successfully completed the relay!

The traditional team run in and around Zurich with a total length of 114.18 km is divided into 14 legs. This year, almost 13’000 people participated! Our team consisted of 7 runners from Lib4RI, 6 from Eawag, and 1 external runner. All team members gave their best and we reached the 274. place out of 873 ranked teams, an excellent result for such a diverse team. It even was the first running event ever for some of the team members! The day was brought to a close with a nice joint dinner where we shared our experiences from the race. Congratulations to the whole team and a special thank you to our friends from Eawag and beyond for joining Lib4RI at SOLA!

The Lib4RI & friends team at the SOLA-Stafette 2022 (in order of running): Christine Matter, Isabelle Fischer, Luca Carraro, Federico Cantini, Dimitris Antonakis, James Runnalls, Nina Helg-Kurmann, Fabian Felder, Sabine Güsewell, Emily Hart, Raoul Schaffner, Lothar Nunnenmacher, Ivan Obradovic, and Roman Li.

Watch our team-video here!